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Dental Assisting – Day in the Life

A career as in Dental Assisting is satisfying and thrilling, in a pleasant and professional workplace. Your work hours will also likely be excellent. The majority of dental offices operate their business from Monday to Friday, for 8 hours each day.

Dental Assisting

When you are a Dental Assistant, your job duties will vary.  Your duties are likely to include taking care of patients in the following ways:

– Assisting the dentist with a number of dental processes,
– Preparing patients,
– Managing dental documents,
– X-ray image processing,
– Arranging appointments and confirmation,
– Welcoming patients, etc.

The most wonderful aspect is that you will have a job that is satisfying, and being able to provide assistance to others. This is a job that can make you proud!

We will train you in order to obtain your Certificate of Completion in only 13 weeks for Dental Assisting. Our program will give you the knowledge & proficiency needed to become a Dental Assistant beyond what other programs can provide.

You need the appropriate education to be a Dental Assistant. This is precisely what we are able to offer you. More than three years was invested in the growth of our curriculum for Dental Assisting. We examined each of the other programs on offer and selected the most effective content, eliminated filler and built the best program for your training. Our school is registered allowing students to attain a certificate of completion to present to prospective employers.

Our students come from throughout California. Lauri Whitney stated about the program: “Taking my dental assisting courses through this school had been a great experience. It provided me the kind of program that offered accurate and updated information about dental assisting, including the various dental procedures involved. I feel confident that the training and laboratory time it included have successfully prepared me for working in real life as a dental assistant. The staff were very knowledgeable as well as friendly. This school is highly recommended for individuals interested in working as a successful dental assistant someday.”

Advantages of Our School

Among the advantages our school presents is that in additional to classroom learning, students will acquire 50 hours and more on a practical internship in a dental office.

A lot of the Dental Assistant School of Van Nuys students are youthful; they are just embarking on a career in the industry of health care. A number are going back to work afterwards in life or long for a different career and are coming across wonderful possibilities. Classes begin multiple times per year allowing students to enroll throughout the year.

In the present economy, individuals of all ages are searching for career choices. A great choice is a program such as this Dental Assistant School. Taking advantage of our quick program will ensure you acquire practical experience as well as all necessary instruction in Dental Assisting. This type of experience will place you above your peers.

Our program restricts the number of students per class to 12, increasing the quantity of time and individual attention the instructor is able to allocate to each student.   Other programs allow 30 or more students per instructor.

I am a strong believer in the Dental Assisting School of Van Nuys  curriculum and effectiveness.  Take advantage of this opportunity and reserve a spot in our next Dental Assisting class… Email or call (818) 817-6116 today!

Dr. Arminda Mendiola