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Dentist Assistant Career – Bright Future

Want to become a dentist assistant? Are you looking for a career with great pay? If so then a career as a dental assistant might be right for you.

Before starting your career, it is important to be familiar with some of the job responsibilities. Examples include:

Dentist Assistant

  • Making impression on teeth that need casting
  • Removal of stitches
  • Taking record of the medical history of patients
  • Making use of swabs and suction
  • Making ready all dental equipment before treatment starts

It is easy to confuse a dentist assistant with a dental hygienist. While the job of a hygienist is to enlighten patients of preventive oral care, a dental assisting professional provides assistance to the dentist.

Know your skills

If you are certain that you can meet with the demands of this career, the next thing will be searching deep within yourself to know if you possess the needed character traits. Some of the traits that help success in this career include:

  • Ability to listen intently: It is important you give thorough attention to your patients and dentist
  • Good communication skills: As you will be interacting with patients all the time, good communication skill is therefore important.
  • Effective time management: Scheduling appointments for patients will be one of your duties. To do this properly, it is important you master the art of time management
  • Ability to give clear instruction: This skill is important as you will be giving out instruction to your patients

Begin your training

You will first need to get trained before any dental clinic will employ you.  Training is offered by dental schools, colleges and career schools. It can take 9 to 11 months or more at a college compared to 13-weeks at our trade school. If you are still in high school and your career desire is a dentist assistant, it will help to take courses in chemistry as well as biology.


Benefits of building a career as a Dental Assistant

There are so many benefits such a career offers. Dental healthcare will always be in demand, so you are sure of job security. There are lots of option available to you when it comes to dental health and they include; specialist and general dental practitioner, as well as children dentistry. The career offers you deep satisfaction knowing fully well that you are meeting the health needs of people.

Your work as a dentist assistant isn’t restricted to a dental office alone as there are lots of places you can still work. You can even work in an insurance company as you will help process dental claims and insurance to customers. You can as well work in a school training others on the course. Another option is working in public health organization where you will be providing enlightenment to locals on ways they can improve their dental health. Some dental assistants work as salesmen, travelling the world while selling dental products. The options in this career are growing rapidly due to the fact that insurance has made dental healthcare very much accessible now.

One of the sure ways of building an even bigger career in the dental industry is starting as a dental assistant. You can easily get trained as an administrator or a manager, thereby providing you with all you need to get hired as a manager or a supervisor. This not only increases your success, it also boosts your earning potential. You can also consider returning to school to become a full-time dentist after working for a couple of years as a dental assistant. This is because you must have acquired important experience and skills while working alongside a dentist.

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Dr. Arminda Mendiola